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Courage For All Births 

Vancouver, Washington

"I feel inspired by my birth"  -Amanda



Welcome to EnCourage Doula Care, my name is Jennifer Fisher. Having taught evidence based childbirth education for almost two decades, it has a been privilege to work with over a thousand  families in many different constellations. This opportunity has given me the ability to see birth on a spectrum of what constitutes a "good birth."

Women having their needs met, unconditionally and respectfully, this is good birth. Families being supported for their choices during their journey, this is good birth. As a doula and educator let's clarify and explore what makes birth "good" for you.


Let's take the time to discover what will make birth good for you.


Additionally in this field, one becomes acutely aware of unexpected outcomes. Supporting each birth as it unfolds is what a doula does. Hence, my further education as a bereavement doula care. Every birth deserves compassionate care, regardless of the outcome.



EnCourage Doula Care supports

loving families

& fully recognizes families come

in many wonderful configurations. 

Congratulations on growing yours!


Portland State University, Bachelor's of Science

CAPPA Certified Labor Doula 2019

Stillbirthday Doula Certified 2017

International Childbirth Education Association, Certified 2005

Nursing Mother's Counsel Breastfeeding Peer Counselor 

American Heart Association, Adult BLS Certified 

Jen puts her whole heart and soul into what she does, it completely shows!  - Kimmi



"For me, it added peace of mind that I had a dedicated person there for me."



It is an honor and a privilege to witness a birth.  As your doula I am there to support the birthing person’s needs.  Encouraging your partners is also one of my roles. In our introduction, we can discuss what your ideals are for laboring.  Then, we would schedule one or two prenatal visits to review birth goals and develop a plan.

On-call care starts at 38 weeks, or a pre-arranged week (due to medical circumstances), 24 hours a day, until labor begins.  After birth, let's meet again for a postpartum visit or two and discuss birth and the adjustments to family life. Please click here for doula package options.


Again, it is an honor and a privilege to witness a birth.  Expectations for meeting and learning goals for your birth are the same as a regular labor doula.  However, this is where my Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula certification is used.  

Making way for grief, holding space for moving from one moment to the next is the expertise brought to this birth.  Let me walk with you on your journey, carry the burden for a while.  You begin to process this, while I support you and your family.  Following your cues is what's needed for enduring this day. We will meet after as well.  Please click here for bereavement care.


Subsequent pregnancies after loss are wonderful, and fearful.  Taking time to bond with your baby and this birth can manifest a range of emotions in parents.  Making room for these emotions during your birth is a gift you can give yourself and this new life.  As your doula, I honor and understand the hope and the pain.  And, am available to walk with you through them.  Please click here for birth doula packages.


Cesarean births are one of the few major surgeries that we are conscious for.  They are a medical miracle and moms deserve as much respect, and pride, as any other birth.  If this is your first time in a surgery, or if you are an expert, and would like a more peaceful and mindful experience, I am happy to accompany you.   Please click here for birth doula package. 


Have you considered classes?  Let's schedule classes that meet your needs. Using Penny Simpkin's Pregnancy, Birth and the Newborn, you can pick when class is, who attends with you & the learning environment that meets your needs best.  Do you have a friend who is pregnant as well?  Each of you can register, and we'll coordinate times!  Please click here to set up dates via email.

"Jennifer walked me through every step of what to expect for my surgery and made me feel incredibly calm about the procedure."


“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”
- John H. Kennell, MD

"Just yesterday I was thinking back on birth and feeling grateful to have such a wonderfully positive memory that I can carry forward.  

You were a huge part of that."




Thank you for contacting me

Jennifer Fisher clc, sbd, icce

Telephone/Text 360-241-0277

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