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Bereavement Doula Care

First off, let me extend my condolences.  You are viewing this page because pregnancy has changed for you. This form of doula work is paramount because I have had pregnancy change for me, too.  My only desire is to support your family in the best way possible as you walk this journey.

Pregnancy loss occurs for many reasons.  EnCourage Doula Care supports stillbirth, interruption of pregnancy, and loss due to incompatible with life diagnosis.  What I want for you is peace, gentleness, strength and courage. As your doula, I will fill in the gaps when you are grasping.  We can take time for birth, welcoming and passing of baby.


If we have time, let's meet before birth, to sip tea and learn your needs for care.  I will join you, when you are ready, to provide doula support during birth and stay for three hours postpartum.  After, let’s meet again at your home for a follow up visit. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and set up care.


Doula care for spontaneous loss is a gift in honor of those we love.  If you feel compelled to support this care, you may do so in honor of those you love.

Planned doula care for interruption of pregnancy or an incompatible with life diagnosis is $550.

Spontaneous Stillbirths have no cost for doula care.

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